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Smart House Some people think that it is difficult to find a relationship between home and computer. Usually people think that computer just using in a company and office. It is a misleading concept as we have a SMART HOUSE. The complete SMART HOUSE System has been available since early 1993. In a SMART HOUSE, people build a relationship between computer and home. The SMART HOUSE is a home management system that allows home owners to easily manage their daily lives by providing for a lifestyle that brings together security, energy management, entertainment, communications, and lighting features. So, the SMART HOUSE system is designed to be installed in a new house. Moreover, the system can be installed in a home undergoing reconstruction where walls have been completely exposed. The SMART HOUSE Consortium is investigating a number of different option to more easily install the SMART HOUSE system in an existing home. Moreover, the SMART HOUSE system has been packaged to satisfy any home buyer's needs and budget. The system appeals to a broad segment of new home buyers because of the diverse features and benefits it offers. These segments includes professionals, baby boomers in the move up markets, empty nesters, young middle- class, two - income families, the aging, and all who are energy conscious and technologically astute. Therefore, the SMART HOUSE system is suitable to install in new homes.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Firstly, more saving can be gained when the SMART HOUSE System offers several energy management options that have the potential to reduce a home owner's utility bill by 30% or more per year depending on the options installed. For examples, a smart house can turn lights on and off automatically, it can help save on your electric bill. Moreover, the heating and air conditioning can be more efficiently controlled by a computer, saving tremendously on the cost of maintaining a consistent temperature within a large house. The exact level of savings will pay vary by house due to local utility rate structures, size of home, insulation, lifestyle, etc.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Secondly, it is an easily operating system. Home owners can control their SMART HOUSE System using a menu driven control panel, touch-tone phone, personal computer, remote control or programmable wall switch. All SMART HOUSE controls are designed to be simple and easy to use. Because smart houses are independence, they can help people with disabilities maintain an active life. A smart house system can make such tasks easier by automating them. Lights and appliances can be turned on automatically without the user having to do it manually. For people with short term memory problem, a smart house can remind

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The Contrast Between Machiavelli’s Writings and Lao-Tzu’s Opinion

Martin Martinez Eng 151-1856 2/19/08 The Contrast between Machiavelli’s writings and Lao-Tzu’s opinion Lao-Tzu’s writings offered a basis for Taoism, a religion officially founded by Chang Tao-ling in about 150 A. D. However, the Tao-te Ching is an ethical document as much as about good government as it is about moral behavior. Niccolo Machiavelli was an aristocrat who had his ups and downs according the shifts in power in Florence. His writings encourage a prince to secure power by almost any means necessary.Lao-Tzu’s Thoughts from the Tao-te Ching and Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Qualities of the Prince both have main goals of how to mold a better prince. Their views on government and the ways they attain their goals each differ in method. Machiavelli and Lao-Tzu have very different aspects about how a prince should govern his people. Machiavelli dwells over the fact, whether it is better to be loved or feared. He believes that the best way to mainta in control over the people is by fear. Machiavelli says man is a sorry lot and are untrustworthy.In order to gain control over his people he uses fear. †[M]en are less hesitant about harming someone who makes himself loved then who makes himself feared†¦. † (44) Since man is so hesitant to betray someone who they fear, the prince remains in control of his people. The terror of punishment keeps the people in order, which enables a smooth running government. According to Machiavelli this fear is the only way for a prince to govern his people and avoid harm. Lao-Tzu’s thoughts are completely different from Machiavelli’s.Tzu believes in a smaller government, where the people actual govern themselves. He believes that the people should feel equal to the ruler and that the ruler must place himself below the people. Tzu stresses self control throughout the reading. Unlike Machiavelli he believes it is better to be loved than feared and he states that â€Å"i f you want to lead the people, / you must learn how to follow them† (Section 66). Although Machiavelli and Lao-Tzu share a passion for how a prince should reach his goals, their ideas are completely opposed to one nother. Machiavelli believes that a prince should be deceitful in accomplishing his goals. By breaking promises and being able to manipulate the minds of men are the keys to attaining a prince’s goals. According to Machiavelli princes who have accomplished the most are the ones who do not care for keeping their promises. Tzu’s opinion on the matter is simply do nothing. â€Å"The Tao never does anything,/ yet through it all things are done†(Section 31). The prince is to just let things happen and soon enough what he wants to achieve will happen.Lao-Tzu believes that once men and women are content with the idea of doing nothing, they can finally center themselves and the whole world will be transformed by itself. The peaceful attitude of Lao-Tzu a nd Machiavelli’s defensive ideas towards home military defense are far from the same. â€Å"Humility means trusting the Tao, / thus never needing to be defensive† (Section 61). Tzu’s ideas are simple, he doesn’t believe in violence. The prince should never need to be in a defensive position and that he should avoid violence at all times. According to Lao-Tzu, peace is the highest value and should always be the alternative instead of war.Tzu doesn’t believe in harm to other men, he goes into battle with great sympathy. Lao-Tzu believes that there is no victory in war and peace is the highest virtue. Tzu’s belief is as long as all follow the Tao war is never necessary. Machiavelli’s attitude towards war and military defense is more conservative than Lao-Tzu’s. He believes that a prince’s profession must be to know the art of war. According to Machiavelli a prince â€Å"must, therefore, never raise his thought from this ex ercise of war, and in peacetime must train himself more than in time of war†¦. (38) Machiavelli believes that a prince must learn about his country in order to better defend it. Once a prince has study the geography of his own land he can now explore or take over foreign land. And according to Machiavelli a prince who lacks this ability lacks the most important quality in a leader. A prince must never be at rest and always be ready for any ambush or battle ready to take place. Machiavelli’s approach is less poetic and more realistic than Lao-Tzu’s. Both have the ultimate goal of making better leaders.Lao- Tzu is all about following the Tao to achieve peace in the world. As long as one follows the Tao everything will fall into place. Machiavelli’s more controversial approach of the art of war is more of a believable concept than Lao Tzu’s ideas. Machiavelli’s do what ever it takes philosophy to become a successful prince is one of his main foca l points in running a smooth government. In conclusion Machiavelli and Lao-Tzu’s ideas are very different but are both useful guidelines to create a successful prince.

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Organizational Culture Essay

Since there are so many other competitors suddenly appear on the horizon, and Samsung have to create a lot of new creativity to face all the compete, they have to create their new organization culture. The new theme of corporate culture is â€Å"Creative†, to building a creative corporate culture, Samsung have to set a few characteristics to put into practice. Based on the research, Samsung adopting a program which is â€Å"Flexible Time† tp maximize employee creativity and another program is monitoring â€Å"Over-time Work† to help improve life quality o employees in year 2008. The material that issues regarding â€Å"Building a Creative Corporate Culture† was identified as : Samsung also promoting a creative organizational culture using some organization behavior concepts which are: * Encouraging Suggestions for Work Process Improvement Samsung Electronics implements various programs to support employees’ suggestions so that ideas can bear fruit. They offer incentives for the filing of patents, provide a knowledge management system to share expertise and knowledge amongst employees, and support community activities. They also offer incentives for idea suggestions to encourage their employees to proactively participate in knowledge sharing within Samsung Electronics. As a result, a total of 3,515 patents were filed in the U.S. in 2008. * Adopting a Flexible Time program Samsung Electronics adopted a â€Å"Flexible Time† test program in 2008 in selected business divisions to maximize the creativity of its employees. This test was the expression of their determination to shift from a time management-based corporate culture to a creativity-oriented corporate culture. Under the program, employees are empowered to flexibly manage their office hours as long as they work a total of eight hours each day. If this test proves successful, Samsung will expand the program to a company-wide level. * Work-Life Balance Because social norms have changed, an increasing number of female workers are participating in economic activities and retaining high potential employees has become the key to successful business operations. Happiness has become the overarching value of employees’ quality life, giving rise to greater social interest in balancing work and life. Therefore, Samsung Electronics also supports and encourages the employees to balance their work and life. In case anyone works overtime, their supervisor and the employee are notified to insure they comply with the legal overtime work requirements. For the creativity of the employees, Samsung Electronics also provides vacations for self-management and other vacation programs including family theme tour packages. * Welfare Programs Samsung Electronics shares and cares about its employees’ concerns over their health, children’s education and post-retirement life and helps them prepare for their future in order to enhance employee satisfaction and provide better working environments. In addition to the basic legal welfare programs such as premium subsidies for National Pension, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance and Employment Insurance, they also provide medical subsidies, a corporate pension program, work-out facilities and condominium rental services. Samsung Electronics believe that a creative corporate culture grows out of the technological search for innovation and its application. , researchers inherently looked for â€Å"innovative† ideas and technologies. A number of failures and prejudices from the trials and errors of the development process were the largest obstacles in putting â€Å"innovative† ideas into practice. This barrier can be broken down to build stronger assurances through a number of verifications and databases. Nevertheless, these procedures can sometimes result in a waste of time. I think Samsung Electronics need to reduce the waste with more open-minded thoughts and perspectives. With an aim to realize a â€Å"Great Work Place (GWP),† Samsung Electronics has analyzed its corporate culture by utilizing the confidence index of âÅ'Å"The 100 Best Companies to Work For by Fortune Magazine since 1998. In 2007, Samsung concluded a global contract with the â€Å"Great Place To Work (GPTW)† of the U.S. for a confidence index survey of their domestic and overseas workforces, which contribute to building a corporate culture that fits their global stature. Based on the GWP analysis results, each division and department prepare and implement improvement plans to build a GWP by filling the gaps in the five survey categories which are of trust, respect, fairness, pride and solidarity. Also, 400 GWP officers supervise and implement corporate culture improvement activities at each workplace.

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How Men Are Portrayed in Music Essay

The art of music is one of mankind’s greatest contributions to society. With the start of the twenty-first century music has become a very controversial subject. With swear words and harsh portrayals being the fad for many hipsters and rap artists human dignity has become a low priority. Both men and women are made out to be objects, trash, and indecent. With girl bands and female pop musicians on the raise stereotypes come into play. The main way that men are perceived is as ‘Boy Toys,’ ‘Cheaters,’ and ‘Fairytales‘. All of these portrayals will be discussed and analyzed to learn why men are made out to be the way they are, what makes these songs so catchy, and how men feel being portrayed the way they are. â€Å"Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick, don’t think to much just thrust that stick I wanna take a ride on you disco stick,† (Love Game, Lady Gaga.) Is the lyric coming from the back of a young girls convertible, driving down Hollywood Boulevard. Does she stop and question if this song is appropriate or sanitary for her little sister? The answer is no because everywhere the fresh beat from the controversial Lady Gaga is playing. The cult favorite quickly lit up airways all over the globe and why? Because of the strong beat and catchy chorus, no one has stopped to analyze the effect it could have on the male population. This particular song depicts an image of a women being very forward and promiscuous towards an unsuspecting male. This is the first of many examples of songs viewing men as nothing more then a one night stand. Society does not want to look at gentlemen in this light because it’s uncomfortable and embarrassing for men to be sought out to be damsels in distress. Like women, there are also men that sell their bodies for money. Unlike women, they are less up front about in. In Las Vegas there are no little business cards handed out with scantily clad male pictures on them with a pimps phone number, on the other hand if someone wanted that kind of service, in todays times they wouldn’t have to look far to get it. Another example of a singer using the abuse of men to sell out is none other than intense success story, Ke$ha. â€Å"I don’t care where you live at just turn around let me hit that, don’t be a little b**ch with your chit chat, just show me where your d*cks at,† is the memorable lyric to Blah Blah Blah, which shares the same reasons for success that Love Game does. A result of such songs is boys feeling the need to be a tall, dark, and handsome guy with an eight-pack which for most twelve year olds, is an unreasonable goal. Boys deal with the same pressures as girls; they got to keep up their grades, play sports, do chores, and other responsibilities and to top it all off hormones are recking havoc. If they happen to be different in any way shape or form they are made fun of and ridiculed. Without good friends, life feels like prison. This problem is caused by artists that feel the need to compare themselves to everyone else. This problem not only affects big cities like Vancouver, but small towns like Fort Nelson. Last year, a class of grade seven boys were flat out refusing to eat lunch, as a result a self esteem building program was put in place to convince the kids that eating was not wrong at that developmental age eating large portions is okay. Other rude and nasty songs telling the world men are nothing but sex toys and accessories is wrong. Part of the problem lies within ourselves. What do songs like Peacock by Katy Perry make them so addicting? For instance the repeat chorus applies to us as well as the beat, â€Å"I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock, Your peacock, cock, Your peacock, cock, cock, Your peacock I wanna see it.† Another valid reason is this music is so inappropriate that we rebel a little when we hear it, â€Å"Come on baby let me see whatchu hidin‘ underneath.† In conclusion, my question to songwriters that support people selling themselves, being taken advantage of, as well as making it all appear glamourous; how do you think these lyrics are perceived? How does a father feel when he hears his daughter singing â€Å"I am a boy hunter, I need a boy tonight,† (Boyhunter , Skye Sweetam.) Or an elder minding his own business when a gas guzzling Hummer drives by with Dinasoar by Ke$ha comes blaring out? The answer is sad and awkward and a sense of longing for the days when belts were worn and hats were taken off we they entered buildings. People talk and discuss about things that apply to them. Most writers write about personal experiences, the same goes for singers. As humans, we dwell on bad experiences rather then good ones. Making songs about your ex more popular than ones about your true love. The song Before he Cheats by Carrie Underwood comes to mind as a great example of cheating and revenge, â€Å"I dug my key into the side of pretty little souped up four wheel drive, carved my name into his leather seats†¦ I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all four tires†¦ Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats†. Cheating occurs in a relationship when one party is upset or unsatisfied with the other and finds someone else to fill those needs. This act is looked down upon and hurts everyone involved. In music, cheaters are mostly viewed as men and when the girl does the deed, the so called ‘other man’ is the one to blame, â€Å"What’s her name, whats she like, does she know that you’ll never treat her right,† (Ghosts, Phoebe Dobson.) These players get cocky and in the end, like a serial killer, mess up, â€Å"You should of known that word, of what you did would hurt and get back to me,† (Should’ve Said No, Taylor Swift.) Men who are faithful probably perceive these songs as disrespectful and hurtful, but with legends like Tiger Woods and A-list celebs like Jessie James, songs of this theme are becoming more and more common. We relate to these songs because everyones been through a bad break up and when you’re feeling like no body understands you, the right playlist is the right cure for a broken heart. With all the hate and injustice in the world, there has to be some happiness too, or life not worth it. Finding you’re true love makes every other relationship irrelevant. The lock around your heart has found it’s key. Finding your soul mate is and discovering your truly not alone is the greatest feeling in the world. So why not describe it in song format? A good example of a singer who does this on a regular basis is country superstar, Taylor Swift. With the numerous awards and best selling singles, sharing her experiences was a very good idea, â€Å"Today was a fairytale, you were the prince, I was the damsel in distress, you took me by the hand and you picked me up at six today was a fairytale,† (Fairytale, Taylor Swift.) Some men don’t think these songs have merit and are too girly for them, but then why do they listen to them over and over? I think that being viewed as someone’s one and only is what make life worth all the struggles. Finding ‘the one’ makes you stop questioning â€Å"that theres’ gotta be somebody for me like that,† (Gotta be Somebody, Nickelback.) What makes this portrayal so popular is that society has taught us that finding your one and only is the ultimate goal. On the other hand, from a scientists point of view, not finding your soul mate and not having children is the worst thing imaginable because that implies that you’ll be erased from the gene pool making you existent come to a completely end. All men need someone to guide them, and give themselves over to without feeling worried or lost. When someone gives their mind, body, and soul over to you, the sun is brighter, the sky is bluer, and the birds sing louder, â€Å"let’s go all the way tonight, no regrets, just love, we can dance until we die, you and I will be young forever!† (Teenage Dream, Katy Perry.) Chivalry may be dead, but happily ever afters are still possible, â€Å"the planets all alined, when you looked into my eyes, and just like that, watch the chemicals react,† (Chemicals React, Aly & A.J.) Music gives us life, makes us feel surrounded and alive. Portraying every emotion, every event in our shared history. Giving men scoldings when they are weak and praise when they truly accomplish something. Without these songs, how could we express ourselves and convince the inner soul that falling head over heals for someone you just met is not crazy, but part of life. As with any literacy work there is truth to all the views; some men are used, some are scum, but once in you find Mr. Right and the world keeps on spinning. â€Å"So maybe it true, I can’t live without you, and maybe two is better then one, but theres so much time, to figure out the rest of my life, and you’ve already got me comin’ undone, and thinkin’, two is better than one,† (Two is Better than One, Boys Like Girls Feat. Taylor Swift.)

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Politics In India Essay

Democracy is defined as ‘The Government of the people, for the people, and by the people’, but there are many challenges facing democracy in many countries  across the world. India is a perfect example of a nation that is ‘fully democratic’ even as it develops and faces several challenges. This paper is divided into two different parts showing the problems facing Indian Democracy. The first part briefly talks about the Inequality among peoples in India. Inequality is also divided into three main categories such as Geographic, Social and Demographic. The second part is an approach to identify the problem of corruption among political leaders and discussing the development of criminalization of politics. One of the major issues facing Indian democracy today is Inequality among the citizens of India, weather it is Geographic Inequality, Social Inequality, or Demographic Inequality. First of all, Geographic inequality occurs when a government and citizens of different regions have unequal parliament representation. Geographic inequality is a big issue India is facing today because of its uneven density of representatives per population (D.Joshi, 2012,402). Geographic inequality also occurs when the party they are  choosing does not represent voters in a district. In statistics it showed that, in 2009, India’s 543 LS constituencies averaged 14.9 candidates, but only one representative was elected by each district (D.Joshi, 2012, 402). The statistics showed that it was only half of the voters in every constituency with no representation at district level. Another big issue Indian democracy is facing is Demographic Inequality, this type of inequality occurs when the government of the nation fails to reflect the class, gender, age, ethnic, religious and ethnic makeup of its population. One of the things that D.Joshi points out (2012) is that elderly people in India are over – represented and young people are twice as under- represented in India. However, the greatest inequality a country could have is less female representatives. Increasing female representatives in India could help them reduce gender inequality. India is a nation where discrimination against women is widely spread across the country, whereas men are considered a source of income and prosperity. With lack of women education and power, the nation is facing a devastating challenge’s towards its democracy. In some areas of India, women are not allowed to participate in any voting elections. Moreover, the third type of Inequality that Indian democracy is facing is social inequality. Although, every person or citizen in a democratic society has the right to vote or fight elections, but in some nation’s like India, only rich upper class citizens have the chance to win the elections. Also, upper class people are usually elected as representatives who make the law and frame policies that only favor’s them. Furthermore, another challenge Indian Democracy facing today is the caste system among the people. In India, upper class Hindus make promises using voters as a tool to gain power in an election. However, low caste majority are usually forced to participate in an electoral process. Unfortunately, the ‘social class system in India is based on the notion of purity and pollution in which upper class does not interact with [equal rights] with the low castes’ (Anwar, 2012). It neglects the rights of citizens for having freedom of expression, right to elect their own representatives, freedom of religious practices and other rights in a democratic state. Moreover, because Indian population is so large and it is a diversely mixed society, people in India have wide identity available to them. Manor (1996) stated that, ‘there are [various] types of caste identities, religious identities and identification with clans and linages’ (463). As a result of having various types of identities, tensions among these groups become strikingly high and could tear a democratic institution apart. An example will illustrate how this could have an impact in Democracy. In an election in India in 1971, conflict and anger widely spread, after the state government made an unjust treatment. A party representing swept winning ten seats in the parliament but political leaders started to bargaining the movement and after few years, people shifted their concerns to other member’s identities such as caste and class. Keeping in mind their identities, the congress party won every seat in the parliament Despite the wide identity available to the citizens, there is also another issue that follows this problem’s; this includes the discrimination on minorities, undermining order and development. Discrimination against minority groups can trigger the demand for justice. However, evidence in recent studies has showed that there is a declining influence on caste system in Indian politics. Political corruption and inefficiency is another severe problem Indian democracy is facing today. In a study that showed, 20- 33 percent of middle class citizens had to pay ‘ a bribe for getting a service or getting out of problem with a government agency’ (Jefferlot, C., 2002, 77). Former Indian prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi has admitted that only 15 percent of isolated area reached their potential beneficiaries. India’s political leaders are responsible of the corruption that is on going for a long time in Indian Democracy. In fact, the congress party in India conducted corrupt practices when they formed ministries in 1937. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, was known as the ‘cleanest political leader of India’ but for instance, some political leaders today say that it was because of him that Indian political corruption has turned into an epidemic. One of the reasons why Nehru is known for spreading the corruption among political leaders is because he kept protecting his congress leaders who were indulged in corrupt practices. There have been events that took place during his ruling party. Krishna Menno, the Indian high commissioner in London, 1948 was asked to buy 4,000 jeeps for Indian army who were fighting the Pakistanis at that time, only 155 jeeps reached in India (Jefferlot, C., 2002, 79). Nehru’s government rejected the incident that took place and declared that case was closed. This is a good example of a politician in Indian democracy; who are dishonest and can get away with it because of their other political colleagues. Corruption among political leaders has affected Indian democracy in two different ways. One, for supplying and making black money from businessmen’s, especially after foreign companies started emerging into Indian market. Secondly, Politicians made money, which they were suppose to spend on their campaigns, which Indian businessmen’s and foreign investors have raised. As Jefferlot (2002) stated that ‘ Indian political leaders took bribe from arm dealers who were important foreign players in the political and economic game’ which then increasingly took advantage of multinationals entering India (89). Another example of corrupt politician is, Prabhakar Rao, who was involved in scandals of importing sugar and urea. He took bribe from foreigner manufacturer, to obtain import of newsprints and paper pulp. Democracy can become negated when it assumes such proportions of corruption. Another issue in Indian politics is development of criminalization of politics, which is severely alarming in recent years. The link between crime industry and politicians in Indian are long standing. Gangs need protection from politicians for their activities, these activities involve trafficking of drugs, arms and other illegal trade business. Politicians protect gang members in various situations such as from police investigation. An example of politician involved with gang member was The Chief Minister, who not only granted to builders land reserved for civic purposes but also protected gangsters in the building businesses (Jefferlot, C., 2002, 92). Politicians also seek for protection from gang members. For example, a losing candidate may for instance, ask the gangsters for the most common fraud known as  Ã¢â‚¬Ëœbooth capturing’. This activity involves gangs to seize the ballot boxes during an election. Many other election- related Incident’s have taken place in India. Most common type of Incidents involves clashes between political parties. Violence can also take place during elections, when a politician fears losing vote against his opponent candidates. Politicians also use gangs during riots. This often involves conflict between social groups such as Hindus and Muslims. While politicians protect crime industry, there has been growing numbers of criminals entering politics in India. Jefferlot (2002) stated that ‘ convicted criminals who are not systematically disqualified can stand for elections, even if they are accused for important crime’ (95). Corruption and criminalization of politics is a direct threat to Indian democratic society. Corruption in Indian democracy arose from socioeconomic and political conditions. India is facing corruption in its politics, the criminalization of state has become a serious chronic disease over the decades (Jefferlot, C., 2002, 113). Former Prime Ministers of India are considered to have prepared the foundation of corruption during their time period. As a result of this, citizens of India do no take interest in elections and have no faith in government officials. Media also has significant impact on exposing corruption in the Indian establishment. Another worrying factor here is the problem for bribing journalists for covering election campaigns. The change in Indian democracy may be possible but the pressure against corruption needs to come from collective groups rather than individual enterprises. To summarize, Indian democracy is facing severe problems to its democratic society over the years. Some of the problems include inequality among social groups. However, Indian government faces three major kinds of Inequality. First, it deals with unequal parliament representation, whereas, the demographic inequality deals with negligence of class, gender, age, ethnic and religious ethnicities that makeup the population. Finally, the third major Inequality is social inequality, even as today, minority groups or poor people in India do not get to vote in elections. Whereas, upper class  citizens make the laws and policies which only favor’s them. Lastly, corruption is significantly a major issue India is facing today in its democratic government. Corruption in a democratic government can scare divert resources from poor and disadvantage the citizens. However, corruption continues unchecked because people in India turn away from involvement on how the country is being governed and put little interest in elections, because of their trust in politicians is damaged. Along with corruption, criminalization of politics has major concerns over the years. Politics in India has become lucrative and beneficial business, criminals can invest money and power to win elections with the support of other politicians and can enjoy unfettered power and respect among the society. Thus, criminalization of politics cannot be prevented as long as criminals are present in politics in India and, it has become a direct threat to India democracy. Bibliography Manor, James. 1996. â€Å"`Ethnicity’ and politics in India.† _International Affairs_ 72, no. 3: 459. _Academic Search Complete_, EBSCO_host_ (Accessed March 1, 2014) Joshi, Devin. â€Å"Who gets unequal parliamentary representation? A comparison of India and Sri Lanka.† _Contemporary South Asia_ 20, no. 3 (September 2012): 401-406. _Academic Search Complete_, EBSCO_host_ (Accessed February 11, 2014). Jaffrelot, Christophe. 2002. â€Å"Indian Democracy: The Rule of Law on Trial.† _India Review_ 1, no. 1: 77. _Academic Search Complete_, EBSCO_host_ (Accessed February 16, 2014). M, Anwar. 2012. ‘Indian Democracy and Caste System’ (Accessed February 20, 2014)

Metropolitan museum of arts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Metropolitan museum of arts - Essay Example sed as a central place, where these materials can be easily accessed by the general public for purposes of research and information up date (Backhaus, 11). This discussion will focus on an analysis of a piece of art work stored in the Metropolitan Museum, in New York the United States of America. The Metropolitan Museum is located in New York City in the United States of America. It is considered among the largest museums in the world, with a collection of over two million various pieces of art work from different parts of the world. The main building of the museum located along Manhattan is considered one of the world’s largest sources of art galleries. It is separated into seventeen departments, which each department exhibiting a specific piece of art work. The exterior part of the museum was constructed using stones, which are painted using a white water-based paint. In the interior one is welcomed by white clean shelves of various sizes and shapes, exhibiting various forms of art works. From a personal perspective, the museum has a feature similar to the buildings that were constructed in the early and the late 1800’s such as the White House, which was constructed using large stones and beatified using a whitish water-based paint. This form is building design could have been chosen as a result of the fact that such designs dominated the early and late 1800’s: Such designs were preferred by French architectures, who were considered the best architectures in the world during that period. The museum features cultures from various parts of the world for instance; ancient Egyptian art works African art, Asian, European, American art work as well as a collection of modern art works that have been considered eclectic. Pieces of art work are organized in accordance to their cultures and timeline, in a manner that makes it easy for viewers to identify and understand their significance. The arrangement of the art works within the Museum as well as its

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Legal Factors involved in Corporate Management and Ownership Essay

Legal Factors involved in Corporate Management and Ownership - Essay Example However, their negligence of duty can be linked back to the directors over poor management. If the management of the corporation was tough and well organized, there would be no significant financial errors. In words by Harrington & Carter (2009) directors investing in their company dependable on the growth of the company may sometimes viewed as fraud in any occurrence of uncertainty. If the directors invested in the company due to bad financial reports, it is regarded as more negligence. It is with no objection that financial losses incurred in the company should be liable to the directors. The decrease in stock price is also a result from the mistake of the directors and the financial officers. In dealing with this incidence, the fraudulent officers should be sacked or demoted to posts with fewer responsibilities. The directors of the company should take responsibility of the error and compensate investors due to the reduction in stock